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  1. It would be great for people who learned BASIC first ... Would be easy to try some quickie jobs.. Thanks Matt for the good work...
  2. A tasty little 50% off code would go good about now! I second that. It might be a bit greedy of me, but a 75% off coupon would be even better... A 100% discount would be ultimate . !!! :ugeek:
  3. I too hope that NS's portfolio is extended under TI's Sample program. Cheers..
  4. This code no longer works, gives message as "The coupon code you've entered has expired" :cry: Cheers !
  5. I got a shock yesterday when my shipment arrived from Singapore & DHL courier asked me to pay Rs 538 for customs duty, handling fee and taxes, almost 272% of the original price of US$4.3 when converted to local currency. I refused to pay & called the courier call center that this is for educational purpose & not for profit, they asked me to provide a proof that its shipped duty free, i said i will check. Next day courier arrived & delivered it without any money. When I opened the invoice from TI Singapore, it was mentioned as "DDP Delivered Duty Paid", means no duty is req
  6. Well that's because in local language (Marathi) it was called Mumbai only while in English it was Bombay, it was recently officially renamed Mumbai in all languages. Cheers!!
  7. I am from India & ordered one recently through the ti website recently (backordered, will ship in mid Jan 2010), though the shipping is free, kit costs US$4.3, which comes at < INR 200. If you're unlucky our customs may charge you something for custom duty. Cheers..
  8. I am from India. I just ordered one free, no shipping cost, no cards required, just used the EZFREE2013 code. Ciao..
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