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  1. Finally opened my LCD and found a dollar. Thanks SA. Now I need to finally get around to building my controller. Thanks for the great job and the cheap price.
  2. Ordered my 2. Thanks SugarAddict and Bluehash. Can't wait to see if I can make it work
  3. Beautiful, if I win the lottery I'll give you a even 20k. My old ride was a 70 Cuda .030 over 383 11.90 1/4 170 mph top speed. But I'm with you, at 3.90+ for good fuel to run on it's presently out of my budget. Long live MOPAR :twisted:
  4. Yes, that is the exact display I found, and oh soooooo tempting :mrgreen:
  5. Sounds great if it doesn't use many pins, I need 6 of my G2553 pins for other functions, is there a library of programming, I'd like to display volts and status. :thumbup:
  6. This reminds me of an old project made from a couple of 555's and a tiny pizeo transducer. It made an almost inaudible, very high frequency chirp every two or three hours, depending on the R/C. It would run for a month or so from one 9v battery. Hidden somewhere in an office it would be nearly impossible to located. :mrgreen:
  7. I found another interesting one on ebay it's a 3.2" with touch and an sd card slot. System will not let me provide a link yet. A great value too at 16.95 US.
  8. Just discovered the MSP430 line and aquired myself some LaunchPads to work with. My first project is a controller for my solar electric system that will interface the solar panels, batteries, inverters, and secondary loads. I've already designed the hardware and have started on the software. Time permitting I'll be working on it soon and hopefully have a prototype up and running in a few weeks. Perhaps some display project here will allow me to more easily create an output that will show the status of the system aside from having some led status indicators. I'd really like to show volts, and p
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