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  1. That sounds totally awesome! I loved playing with Lego Mindstorms and still have a lot of stuff left!
  2. Hi, I'm currently working with a brushed DC Motor which needs around 8V. I have a supply voltage around 14V(4S LiPo) so I decided to use a step-down converter. I used TI's webench to figure out the right One and ended up using the LM2678 since it's available in a through-hole package. The webench also calculates the needed capacitors etc. As Cin(Vin to GND) they use a capacitor with 22uF and a Irms of 3.67A which seems to me to be a pretty high ripple current. Is this calculation realistic?
  3. Awesome! I'll take 2 modules and two boards, so it's: GeekDoc ----- 2 modules ----- 2 boards Tribes ----- 2 modules ----- 2 boards Ah, and would it be possible to send some headers from the store with the same package?
  4. Hi, what's the estimated cost of shipping to Germany for the 43oh store? I tried to use the estimating tool in the shopping cart but I didn't get an answer. :?: Regards Tribes
  5. Hi bearcat and welcome! zeke has composed a lot of information for beginners in this thread I personally found this blog very helpful. Starting with this post it covers a lot of basic stuff, which will answer your questions. Also very helpful when working with the Launchpad are the MSP430x2xx Family User's Guide and the datasheets of the different MCUs. And if you have any questions, I am pretty sure someone here can and will help you! I hope all this will help you!
  6. Hi, since I'm new to all this, can someone explain to me what's special about these pins and what they're used for? Thanks!
  7. Sooo, I was bored today(and a little bit hungover)... so I was looking for something to do and remembered this: And I thought: Why not... shouldn't be that hard. GUI.cpp // Nathan Zimmerman MSP430 GUI EVAL // Version 0.4 // Copyright Nathan Zimmerman: Not authorized for commercial use or self promotion in any way. // Strictly for debug and learning purposes. //Sorry for the mess. Will be cleaned up when I finish #include #include #include #include #include //File includes #include // Serial // #include "serial.h" //Global Variables wxString comportnum; int send_c =
  8. Ahhhh, how could I miss that. Thanks! I just ordered a few chips :thumbup:
  9. Hey, has someone here already worked with a MSP430 ValueLine MCU and RS-485 and can recommend me a RS-485 Transceiver? To me the TI SN65HVD11 looks interesting, especially because it also uses 3.3V. But it seems hard to get as DIP in Germany... :problem: I am open to any suggestions!
  10. Fantastic! That's one of the things I'm still thinking about. If the G2553 is powerful enough, I'd prefer using the LaunchPad(at least at the beginning), since it's easier for me and cheaper.
  11. I want to build a DMX512-USB-Interface. Maybe not the most complicated task, but I think it's pretty nice to begin with, and I have a practical use for it (hate that lighting console at school )
  12. Hi everbody! My name is Josua, I am from Germany and currently I'm still attending school(for about another year). I am a complete beginner in the field of microcontrollers and stuff (although of course I have some basic knowledge of electronics). I got myself a Launchpad and some basic stuff(like a breadboard, resistors, LEDs etc.) but until now I only played around with LEDs a little bit and built a simple light barrier(is that the correct term?). But now I've found an interesting project I want to work on and so I am motivated to learn more on MCUs. I have already read a bit(actually qu
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