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  1. I need to implement a push button like function on a input pin for a MSP430F5438A. The only way I know to implement it would be something like this: while(1) { if(P1IN & 0x03 == 0) ... else ... } But is it possible to have this same functionality without the use of an infinite loop? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Value can be initialized at the first deceleration, yes?
  3. Is there a way to declare variables such that I can access them from other files in the same project?
  4. I heard that implementation varied for each device for embedded systems.
  5. I've been looking though the wiki, but it seems the only information they have on bluetooth is a demo application between two MSP430 modules, but I need to be able to send information from a computer using some separate application written in say java or some C variant which would send some information to the MSP+PAN over bluetooth. Is there some other resource where I can find this information?
  6. I've never done mircocontroller programming before but I'm starting a project for school where I'll need to use a msp430. The functionality of the microcontroller is fairly straight forward and I've picked up the MSP430 Microcontroller Basics text and I think I can puzzle out the mircocontroller programming on my own, however I'm having trouble with the Bluetooth aspect of the project. I've never done any sort of Bluetooth development before either and I'm not finding much information on how to work the PAN chip, I need to be able to send a string or int value to the msp from a computer or lap
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