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  1. I'm wanting to do 20width x 30height. I see how you are doing that Rob the second example. I just don't know how to deal with the continuity of the fonts between lines. There is also an option I do it 5x8 fonts but with 4 lines worth but still run into the continuity problems (space between the 5x8 fonts between horizontal lines). Also I'm running into issues with the 5110 display as it wont display anything after entering debug session until I remove the USB cable and re-insert it :/ EDIT (found the edit button): Nevermind guys I figured it out I see what you did there Rob 5x7 font
  2. Hey people of 43oh, I was wondering what I should do in order to use a 32 bit character. I'm trying to make a 32*20 character font on my 5110 display using a 2553. Thanks in advance for help. I've tried using long and doubles as well but it truncates to 8 bits. then again as I'm writing this it isn't too smart to give the 5110 32 bits of info when it can handle 8 right? :/ argh I'm stressing so hard right now :evil:
  3. hth

    Nokia 5110 display

    I know this is a double post but I don't know how to edit, how stable is the 1MHz clock that your chose in this program?
  4. hth

    Nokia 5110 display

    Thanks for the approval RobG!
  5. hth

    Nokia 5110 display

    Hi there! Rob I was wondering whats the copyrights in regards to this? I want to use your code in my project for school and I wanted some copyright information. Cheers hth
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