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  1. Hey, I'd like to know about the various debugging options available with the MSP430 Launchpad.We can always connect an LCD,or use UART.But both these options take up precious code space.Is there some other way to watch values of variables in code?
  2. well,there are those solutions of a UART-Ethernet Bridge etc,but thats no fun...I've ordered the 8k chips,and will get around to writing some code with those for Ethernet interfacing...
  3. Since we're talking abt bigger chips, has any1 tried out the new 8kb versions?
  4. this could be of some help http://www.scribd.com/doc/219845/msp430-mspgcc-eclipse-ubuntu-tutorial
  5. Crystal CS8900A Ethernet LAN chip does seem to look like an option with some larger msp430 chips... yes,i too was considering the wiznet as the 2nd choice... will dig around a little more..
  6. Hi... as you probably all aware,that the ENC28J60 network chip has been utilized on many different platforms,like the Arduino,AVR,8051,PIC etc for various ethernet and internet based designs. However,i would like your opinion on this matter before i spend some money on this breakout board to interface it with my launchpad....Will the 2kb codespace be enuf for a very very simple proof of concept embedded webserver?? Thanks.
  7. Hey rivalslayer, I too am from india and interested in purchasing a MSP 430 Launchpad...could you go into details about the final product costs for indian consumers and the shipping charges?
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