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  1. So it looks like the servo draws a considerable amount of power when idle. I will probably need to check later but if I used the detach function will it consume less power? Otherwise should I consider something like a transistor on the 5v supply? I think I need an interrupt driven sleep at least until I try to add a timer. If we put into consideration the timer requirements to say sleep for an hour then wake up to run a function while waiting for an interrupt from ir. I haven't worked with interrupts before so I'm not sure if an ir signal can wake it up out of a sleep state.
  2. Power saving with IR receive and a servo I have managed to put together some basic code to rotate a servo when I press "button 1" on a remote. If I can get it to last a reasonable amount of time idle (month?) then I will attempt to implement the rest of the concept along the lines of a basic timer that will cycle a switch using the servo after a variable amount of time. Seems basic but hey I finally have my launchpad doing something more than blink the red LED. Right now it's basically the IRrecieve demo with lines of servo control written into an if else chain to output serial data/
  3. I haven't had a chance to try that yet but it sounds interesting! For now I have shifted my attention to Energia which seems interesting although my ability to break the sample code is nothing less than impressive. I have always been the copy paste and edit type so I'm more comfortable with what I see.
  4. Ah okay that explains a lot. I am using the newest version of ccs so I think it's 5.5. I might have to take another shot at getting gcc to work then. I had downloaded mspgcc then mingw since the documentation seemed to point at it. Might try the normal cgywin with it and see. I was running into errors about not finding the header files but I see some posts here that might be relevant so I'll try before I ask.
  5. Hi I'm having a bit of trouble getting code I find online to compile using code composer studio (newest one) I seem to be able to compile and run the sample code like blink the led. However when I try to run something I find online such as the hd44780 sample I get errors about missing headers even when I have the file in the same folder. I'm pretty sure it was written for gcc because I see a make file and I am on Windows and I can't figure out mspgcc right now. So before it makes my headache worse- in general can you compile code intended for gcc in ccs?
  6. that's one of the main reasons why I want this. Combining the low price with a more basic piezo (not the Radioshack one) then I can just grab parts from my scrap bin and I assume those piezo speakers would be cheaper than the buzzer anyways. I need to try to get the other thing going to compile the other code.
  7. How can you tell what it was written for? The structures look similar to me and it doesn't look like it's normally included in the comments
  8. What do you guys use to compile this? I am trying to compile and load the code by lastaid in Code Composer Studio and I just get a ton of errors. The line #pragma vector=TIMERA0_VECTOR Generates this error Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id identifier "TIMERA0_VECTOR" is undefined Annoyatron annoyatron.c line 40 1330907885926 163 If I comment it out, it would at least compile but I don't think its running because I un-commented the line for the test mode The code by sergiocampama errors out here: //CCR0 timer interrupt, which toggles the
  9. Hello, so I recently purchased the Launchpad and it came with the new chip instead of the old one (MSP430G2553?). I tried to follow the tutorial provided by TI but nothing seemed to work, I don't think the program was ever able to detect the board due to the fact that it was a different model. Is the code different where I would actually need to change things like the header files and all that to reflect the different chip model? I had hoped to be able to transfer the basic "make a LED blink" type code into it, then modify from there but I can't even manage that. I was able to figure
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