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  1. im sorry guys but i think this programming thing is out of my league :oops: i have tried so hard to understand. I sat for hours altering the led blinking code, I read c++ tutorials FOR BEGINNERS! still the programming language is too much for me to comprehend. I cant even get pass integers without getting lost. im sorry for complaining so much but i wish i could understand this stuff. i might have to go to school for it but thanks for your help guys.
  2. sorry about the caps :oops: but no i dont have experience in programming. all i can do is alter a previous code to the led flashing demo and i can barley do that. all my experience is in automobiles. i am familiar with most components as in transistors and resistors ect i have been studying and experimenting with all those components so i understand that stuff already. but when it comes to programming.... nothing i need to know where i can start when it comes to programing.. thank you for you help btw
  3. hi i am new to this programing thing :?: i have gotten to be very familiar with analog and normal electronic components. my main goal is to get control of a servo for a project i have. i can get control of it with a 555 astable. but i think that i can have way more control with a micro controller correct? i would also like it to respond a certain way with different inputs. basically i need to start from step one where do i learn to program this thing!?!? :oops:
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