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  1. What is the maximum clock frequency present in Msp430fg4618 experimenter's board? I looked the datasheet and I am pretty confused. Also what is the maximum external frequency that I can give so that the msp430 can process the data? Thanks in advance.
  2. Okay guys. I have asked a question related to I2C before but this time I have used the TI sample code of I2c which is entirely different from the one that I used before. I am trying to interface digital compass with my msp430fg4618/f2013 experimenter's board. This time I got the clock signal. The thing is no matter whatever I do I always get 8 Hz in the Clock (SCL) that I gave to the digital compass. According to the code it should be 100 Khz but I don't get that at all. I tried to change UCB0BR0 to many values and yet I always get 8 Hz only. Plz help me. Here's the sample code //
  3. Okay. If you anyone has any code regarding I2C that you have done (apart from the sample code) please post it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Here's the code for sensing the thermometer (which is inbuilt in msp430fg4618/f2013 experimenter's board). What I have done is getting the data from the thermometer through I2c and then I have displayed in the lcd. (I have even given the jumper connection perfectly). I tried this code but I always get 0 deg celcius in the LCD display no matter what happens. Just see the main() function. All other things are just definition of functions that I have used in the main() function. Also I am sure that nothing is wrong with all these additional functions because these functions work perfectly
  5. Come on. Somebody please answer me this question.
  6. I wish to interface the digital compass with msp430fg4618 for which I need to use I2C. Do you have a sample code for I2c? Don't show me the ti sample code. I need something else other than that with some good explanations or good comments. I know about I2C so you need not send any link related to I2C. I just would like to know how to do it in msp430fg4618 with some clear explanation. If you have done I2C before I would be really happy if you could share it with me. Actually I tried I2c using that ti sample code but the problem is when I view the clock signal ,which should come fro
  7. I have to do some I2C interfacing and the device(compass HMC6352) is in open drain configuration. For that I need some pull resistors. Do we have internal pull up resistors in msp430fg4618 experimenter's board that I can use for I2C interfacing? If so how do you do that? If I give pull-up resistors externally how much should I give so that it doesn't affect my microcontroller as well as the device. Thanks in advance.
  8. I want to know the exact clock frequency of msp430fg4618 since the datasheet says it works at 16 Mhz sometimes and some other lower frequency some other times. I am just confused. Do you know the exact and the predominant clock frequency of msp430fg4618 experimenter's board. Assume that I have selected the default clock. Thanks in advance.
  9. I see that we have microphone in msp430fg4618 experimenter's board. I don't know how to use that one. Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am using msp430fg4618 experimenter's board. I am able to sample the positive voltages using the adc with 0000 for 0V. But when I send negative voltages I am getting 0000 only in output of the adc. How to sample negative voltages? Thanks in advance.
  11. I tried this and it's still not working. I am still getting a high value in that ADC pin. Here's the modified code--- /* * main.c */ #include "msp430fg4618.h" #include "stdint.h" #include "intrinsics.h" void main(void) { WDTCTL=WDTPW|WDTHOLD; P1DIR|=BIT4; P1SEL|=BIT4; ADC12CTL0 |= ENC + ADC12SC; P2DIR|=BIT7; P2SEL|= BIT7; for(; { } }
  12. Hello I tried it. I am getting SMCLK correctly but I don't get ADC12CLK. Instead I get a high value in the ADC12CLK pin. I don't know what the problem is. Here's the code void main(void) { WDTCTL=WDTPW|WDTHOLD; // This is for SMCLK which worked perfectly. P1DIR|=BIT4; P1SEL|=BIT4; //This is for ADC12CLK and I got only high in that pin and I never saw a clock in the oscilloscope. P2DIR|=BIT7; P2SEL|= BIT7; for(; { } }
  13. Another question. I wish to check if I am getting the correct clock frequency from ADC12OSC. I saw the datasheet and according to it the pin P2.7 is assigned to ADC12OSC. What does this mean? Can I see the frequency of the clock if I connect that pin to the oscilloscope? Should I change any register if I should get the clock in that pin? Thanks in advance.
  14. I have some questions- Will the sampling and analog to digital conversion take place when the interrupt function is being executed? How to set DCO to 16 Mhz? Thanks in advance.
  15. I tried adc using the ADC12 in msp430fg4618 experimenter's board. I saw the datasheet and it says the frequency of ADC12OSC oscillator is 5Mhz. I used that clock. According to the user guide about 15 cycles of ADC12OSC is spent for sampling and analog to digital conversion. After this the data will be stored in ADC12MEM register and I call the interrupt. There I tried to send the data in that register outside bit by bit. I also toggled one led (LED4) to see when the interrupt is called ( i.e. entire sampling time). I encounters this problem- *Initially I just tried to toggle without sending
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