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  1. I was wondering if there were any cheap msp430 boards available from china, like the $3 arduino compatable boards you can buy on aliexpress. I searched aliexpress but didn't find anything cheaper than the launchpad. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks that worked. I missed that one.
  3. I tried to build this for CCS5, but doesn't seem like it knows about C++. Is there a way to enable c++, to get this to build in CCS5?
  4. I would like to do this with a LaunchPad, is this too much? If not, maybe with a bigger MSP430? Thanks CP
  5. A good way to solve this is with tags. That way you can just tag a post with 'Displays', and then you can easily browse all of the posts with this topic. Maybe the forum can add this feature?
  6. Thanks a lot. I missed the sentence about PxOUT setting the pullup/down. I will try again.
  7. Hello, I am writing code for my launchpad I just got. I am trying to learn how to use interrupts, and I want to just fire an interrupt when the switch is pressed (Not worrying about bounce). But I don't see the interrupt handler ever get called. I am using CCSv5, can anyone take a look at my short program and see what I am doing wrong? Thanks, CP main.c
  8. I talked to ti, and they said avnet is sending out the codes manually and are swamped. Should get them in a few days.
  9. Yeah I received my stick, but not my CCD code yet.
  10. Can someone explain what this boosterpack does, as I thought it was just a breakout for the CC2500 modules, but it does have lots of components. Thanks.
  11. What would I need to connect of these Powertips to a launchpad?
  12. I am going the free route, so which should I learn how to use? CCS, IAR, or gcc/eclipse? Thanks, CP
  13. What would the range be between two of these modules or another generic CC2250 module?
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