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  1. Ok if I put Serial.print("Hello"); above Wire.begin() then Hello does print in the serial monitor.
  2. Yes I tried the Blink example in Basics which worked fine when the sensor wasn't connected. I am also able to print things on the serial monitor when I add print statements so the serial monitor seems to be working fine. I am not using a qwiic cable since there is no qwiic port on the board, so I am using IC hooks with pigtail to directly connect the holes on the side of the sensor to the I2C bus (SDA, SCL, 3V3, GND) of the board as well as the RST hole to pin 16 and MFIO to pin 17. Can you explain what you mean by trying to dump something on the UART first?
  3. Hello, I am having the issue that I do not see anything printed on the serial monitor in energia. I upload the code successfully and the port seems to recognize the board and did necessary updates, but there should be words printed on my serial port since I have my MSP430FR5994 connected to a sensor. Any idea why there is nothing there? I set the serial monitor to 115200 baud. I am trying to watch the sensor readings in real time. Maybe I just do not have a good understanding of how to read data from a serial monitor. Here is a copy of the code I am using which is for the Sparkfun heartra
  4. I am having the same issue and have not been able to resolve it. I have 1.0.6 installed for my MSP430FR5994, should I have a different version?
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