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  1. Hi, Great tutorials, also made the IR Transmitter by RobG: http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=302 Would of built it differently though if I had KiCad at the time, and if anyone is doing the IR TX you may find 0x0290, 0x0FF0 handy; one is mute and the other is the Sony test screen. Posted these images to show those who have not used this software what it can be like, very handy if you have a second monitor!
  2. It's the DIP version I got the email above for.
  3. yes, the disable button is "disabled", as are most controls for the network properties.
  4. Hi cde, Not sure about how to disable it as you have stated when I am a normal user on XP, perhaps if I used an account with admin level permissions I could... Is this correct? Or am I missing something? Apart from that it is for simplicity, I like the idea of having an external visual indicator that shows me there is or is not a live connection, also it makes sure that even if the network is plugged in when the laptop starts I only have to press a button to connect. At times I would much prefer this to the laptop starting to pull updates etc when all I want to do is some basic image s
  5. A simple relay control system by a tactile switch, may improve if time permits. Made this because I am fed up with unplugging the network lead which is round the back of my old laptop, now I can have a little bit more control of my connection and not have to walk around the table every time to unplug the network. The button is (re-purposed) from a dvd player, the circuit runs from usb. The clicking is the dual pole relays switching. Possible improvements: Time limits, Auto switch off, Software controlled switching.
  6. Thanks simpleavr & GeekDoc, It is quite rare for us to get these temps at the moment, 00:10 - INT:12.80, EXT:-9.8 :|
  7. Hi, From the Highlands of Scotland. Bought four MSP430 Launchpads three months ago, just received another six. I am interested in using the chip in cold(Alpine) conditions for multi-frequency safety signaling systems - (visual + IR). cheers
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