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  1. Hello friends, I built a garage-made* SMT reflow oven in 2003, used a simple glass NTC as temperature sensor.


    (*) we don't do those things inside "home", it is really made in the only place wife allow us to work on it, the garage, isn't it?


    [Forum doesn't allow me to post external URLs, it thinks it is spam, since I am a new user... remove the extra spaces below] :eh:



    As a sensor, I used a common glass NTC to a small piece of a regular Printed Circuit Board, so it simulates exactly what the real boards are receiving of temperature.


    You can not use soldered things inside the oven, solder will melt. So I tied to tiny pcb to the oven's grill using rigid wire, and just twisted the high temperature (green) wire to the NTC leads.


    The glass NTC cost around one dollar. The NTC datasheet says it works up to 150

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