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  1. wow, i found this old thread because i have the same kids toy on my bench right now. mine has failed because water got into it and corroded the two buttons. another design failure. having this thing right next to the sink, where kids play with water. they did take this into account somehow, because all the electronics is elevated and there are drain holes for water, but they still did not waterproof the buttions. the only place where there is electronics right underneath. long story short, i opend it up and my first thought was straight away, that this thing is unneccessary complicated, and due to the lack of a power switch it will drain the batteries even if the LED's are off. but you guys just took it even further. i have to admit, putting a microcontroller in there was one of my first thougts too, but my goal was to prevent more water damage in the future. the micro could have handled some capacitive touch sensor buttons. that way i could have sealed the whole thing off. but it would have constantly draind the power as well. so i think will go simpler, instead of even more complicated. first thought was just to repair the buttons as they are and to add a real power switch on the botttom to turn it off for good, if not in use. but now i lean to the most simplistic way there is. just remove all the electronics, add real (waterproof) on-off switches instead of the push buttons and wire the LED's directly to the batteries. it will only use power if it is really on, and there is nothing else in there to fail. (i will also add hotglue to the remaining solderpoints and wires to waterproof them too.) even has the added bennefit of teaching the kids to turn off the stove after use, and not to rely on it to turn of by itself.
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