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  1. Hi, Sorry for being late. Since the COVID lockdown rules have become a bit relaxed I was able to access the hardware at my college. Rei's solution did work and I was able to use CC3100 booster pack with MSP432P4111 launchpad. I was also able to make REST API calls to the cloud using the setup. Sometimes the connection to the cloud fails but it is fine for now. Thankyou Rei Vilo
  2. Thankyou Rei. I have followed the steps as above to compile a sample program. I gives a warning as seen in the screenshot attached. I think it is beacuse of the library.properties file which is present in every library folder. I will try it on the hardware and get back with the results. Also one thing I noticed is that I cannot see the location of the Binary File created in Energia as it is shown in Rei's screenshot. Do I need to worry about any Energia Installation mistakes?
  3. I have msp432p4111 launchpad but cannot find it in the boards manager in energia. I found out from here: that plugging the following url into the preferences tab, I can get the beta version of the board msp432p4111. http://s3.amazonaws.com/energiaUS/packages/package_msp432p_index.json. I want to connect cc3100 wifi shield to make repeated https requests. The problem I am facing is that I cannot find any wifi library for msp432p4111 in the beta version of the board. Is the support for msp432p4111 launchpad being developed? Or is there any way I can modify the
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