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  1. Hi,

    I'm making a project using msp432p4111 launchpad (red) and cc3100 booster pack for internet connectivity. I using Energia to code. I am using the beta version of the msp431p4111 board which i got from here      

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/energiaUS/packages/package_msp432p_index.json. Plug this URL into the Energia preferences for downloading the msp432p4111 from boards manager.

    But I am not able to use the wifi library for it.
    I have to make multiple SSL HTTP requests. I have done it using Arduino and esp8266 but I am stuck when using msp432p4111 launchpad and cc3100 booster pack.

    Please help on how to go about using the wifi library. 

    Also can I create wifi client for the SSL HTTP requests using the wifi library?

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