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  1. Thanks StefanSch. Can you please comment on what files I need to hack to customize the pinouts to suit my custom board (question 5C-5E)? Custom board not only uses GPIOs, but also SPI, UART, and ADCs. I've got all my IO pins configured in CCS using SysConfig (Pin Mux Tool). I'm not sure what is the process to configure these pins for use with Energia. Is there a way to somehow import the output from the SySConfig tool into Energia? Thanks Berry
  2. I'd like to use Energia with my custom board that has the CC3220MODASF MCU on it. Can someone please provide step-by-step instructions on the steps required to have my custom board show up in the "Boards" in the Energia menu and the required edits to make it usable ? I've done quite a bit of online research and in this forum and found bits and pieces but nothing complete. From this ticket and others I found, putting the pieces together, I believe this is the correct partial course of action: 1. Install the corresponding Launch Pad board in Energia (CC3220SF_LAUNCHXL) --> DONE
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