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  1. Hi Jozef, Thanks for that info, however I tried your recommendation and found that the variable, once set at 5, could not then be changed by other lines in the code (i.e. FRAM_count++) and instead would remain at five. This is similar to the behaviour I observed from the energia-defined PLACE_IN_FRAM, despite the fact that the data memory region the .persistent section is in is rwx. Is this the intended behaviour and am I simply misunderstanding the persistent attribute, or are there other factors at play here? I wondered if it could be an MPU issue, but my understanding is that the MP
  2. Hi folks! I am working on a project using an MSP430FR5994 through Energia 1.8.11E23 on Linux. As part of that project I would like to persist some variables, i.e. they are set once when the code is flashed and then if updated will retain the updated value upon power cycle, reset, etc. A simple counter example code I am using to test this is shown below. The desired behaviour is that the counter starts at 5 and then continues, and does not reset back to five even if the MSP is power cycled or reset. I have tried the existing undocumented PLACE_IN_FRAM (a macro for __attribute__((sectio
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