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  1. You're the best @zeke, I really appreciate you posting that and if it runs afoul of the rules here, please don't hesitate it take it down. I've got a copy and will keep it safe. Now hopefully I can sort out what's wrong with my clock. Although if I can't I will say the V5 clock with the battery and blinking time separators are super tempting!
  2. Hi Folks, I'm curious if anyone with the V3 (2016-ish era) version of this clock still has their circuit schematic available to share? I was moving mine the other day and after plugging it back in the clock wouldn't work; it would blink only briefly. I noted the power supply LED was blinking and thought maybe it had gone bad, but one new power supply later and the behavior was the same. I found that the power regulator was getting VERY hot so I replaced it, thinking maybe that was the problem (I know, I know, I'm just not that handy at diagnosing circuit issues yet). I'm not sure tha
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