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  1. Thanks Stefan, you are correct, Jan in ti forum also send this to me here. Still, I don't get why they even put the I2C pins twice. one set on P1(9$10) and one set on P4(39$40). but I assume I can jumper connect the p30 to p40 (energia pin naming) and be able to use J13 on grove booster pack. have you worked with this booster pack before?
  2. Hi all, As can be seen in the picture, p64 is repeated twice. one is on P3 and connected and the other one is on P4 and not connected. lets say I want to use PWM on this pin, using the example provided by Energia I can successfully dim an LED connected to the p64 on P3 (yellow highlight) but for my application, I need to have access to the p64 on p4 but no matter if I refer to it as pin 37 or 29 using Energia, only the p64 on P3 will light up the LED. is there any way to have access to pin 37 (pin 64 on P4)? Also any one knows why this design is adapted where a few p
  3. Hi, I was using my cc3220sf and it was working fine but when I changed a few wires connected to the board while it was working and tried to upload the code (using energia), it gave me this error: Fatal: CS_DAP: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1170 @ 0x0) unable to access the DAP. Ps1. I have another program on sFlash and when I pluged the usb I didn't wait for that to start working and I just uploaded the new code. Ps2. I didn't change the sop configuration and it's still 010. The device manager can see Both XDS110 class application UART and auxiliary
  4. @Sam123 hi, could you figure it out? I have the same problem:(
  5. Hi All, I was trying to follow Jan's solution here but I accidentally deleted the dummy-root-ca-cert-key that was already there. Is it unique for the mac address of my Cc3220Sf or can I download somewhere? Also, I am new to this and although Jan kindly guide to do this: " file boot-energia.bin need to be uploaded by Uniflash as MCU image (including all certificates, keys, etc. - see http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/swru469 )" I couldn't figure out the certificate part. Should it be dummy-root-ca-cert or a new one that I shoul make or both? Thanks, cat
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