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  1. Thanks for that Cor, since the bloatware from Anaren had so many modules I just assumed the temperature would have been calibrated. A far more usable demo of this product would have been 2 modules, one to set up the radio once as to frequency, data rate, power etc. and another for simple but expandable data exchanges. But we all know TI never does anything the easy way.
  2. I have compiled the code in Anaren_CCS as well and have the same problem. It seems to connect to the first connected unit, even shows the graph of chip temperature, but refuses to pair with the other unit. We're getting close, but still no cigar. One other odd thing, when using the original firmware chips from TI the hub & sensor show two very different temperature readings, even though the two radios are on the same anti-static mat covered table. :|
  3. I'm a retired computer hardware tech. When I started in the business 8k of ram weighed 1100 pounds and cost around 100 grand. I never thought I would see something more powerful that I could swallow. Anyway, to waste time I play with TI & Microchip products mostly.
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