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    thank you for an answer I forget to add notification, so I just saw the response. I actually give up on energia. am trying the example I saw.Since I don't know much.Here is the issue I have: how else should I define FIL (SD card, SDHC 16GB, using FATFS Lib)
  2. hello, I need help, sorry for my lack of knowledge, just started with MSP430, I saw an example which I try to reproduce, writing on the micro SD card (SDHC 16GB). Upload is the code. how else am I suppose to define "FIL", am using the FATFS lib. . thank you for helping
  3. am actually using an example code to write on SD card. on my MSP430FR5994 and its not working. can t someone please help me. the code looks like: #include "SPI.h" #include "pfatfs.h" #define read_buffer 400 // size (in bytes) of read buffer #define LOG_DELAY 3600 #define detect_pin 25 // sd_detect pin (P7.2) (P7.2/UCB2CLK ) #define cs_pin 31 // chip select pin (P4.0) (P4.0/A8) unsigned short int bw, br ,c ; //char buffer[1]; char buffer[read_buffer]; int result; DIR dir; FILINFO fno; // file info
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