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  1. Hi I Have tried to understand and implement the instructions by Michael in this link to program Energia code into Flash of CC3220SF Launchpad. Solution from Michael However, I do not have strong background in Bootloader or Uniflash and need some help to implement Michael's proposal. Anyone has some step-by-step instructions for programming of flash with an Energia code? Michael has some references to bootloader, /sys/ folder, *.bin file, etc. Which tool is Michael using? Uniflash? Where is the /sys/ folder he is refering to? I really appreciate your help. Th
  2. Hi, I am not familiar with CCS and a novice in TI Launchpads. I have written an Energia code and would like to burn it into CC3220SF launchpad Flash memory so I could execute the code while disconnected from PC USB. I looked at e2e.ti.com/.../2495478, but did not work for me. Could you please guide me achieve this? Thanks, Sam
  3. I have the same problem. DId you find a solution to this? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have the same exact problem. Did you manage to make it work? THanks, Sam
  5. Hi @allefpablo I have a similar problem accessing 2nd UART port. Have you been able to solve the problem? THanks, Sam
  6. Did anyone reply to your question? I have a similar problem and what to program additional UART using Energia. Thanks.
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