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  1. pro547

    Emulate USB?

    I was looking for a way to communicate with my PC. Essentially I want to make controller that will control fans, power buttons, etc. on the PC.
  2. Thanks jsolarski. I am still learning and getting excited to program with the 430 so learning about this stuff will help me when I get my 430 this weekend.
  3. I plan on using the msp430 GCC. Is the limitation still present when using GCC?
  4. I still haven't gotten my launchpad, but have started thinking of bigger projects that need more ram than the value series and was wondering if the launchpad can program the bigger brother of the value line? In search for other bigger microcontrollers I have started looking at the 1xx and 2xx series.
  5. pro547

    Emulate USB?

    With the V-USB project they got the ATTiny45 to work and the ATTiny45 only has 256 Bytes of RAM also, so it should be possible. I will try to take a look at the USB code over the weekend.
  6. pro547

    Emulate USB?

    I still haven't gotten my launchpad (says it is shipping). I am getting interested in programming USB, mostly from the computer side of things. My plan is to interface hardware via the 430 via a USB connection. I know they have firmware versions for Atmel but couldn't find anything for the MSP430 line. Is there a already built firmware that emulates USB in software on the MSP430 value line?
  7. Hi guys/gals. I'm new here and to msp430. I bought a LaunchPad from TI today because I was getting sick of trying to get my PIC programmer to work. I hope the msp430 is easier than pic. I kinda bought it spontaneously because the chips are really cheap. I'm nervous that it is going to be difficult to salvage 3.3v parts from electronics or even make more current projects more expensive (since I would have to buy 3.3v parts instead of finding them) My first project. Garage door opener (will create another topic for it later)
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