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  1. Is there a way to add other items to the same order? I usually order enough for free shipping. When I try to order the chronos I can't even log into my digikey account or add other items.
  2. SiliconLabs SiM3L1xx series also look interesting. Quite fancy pin muxing. Low power. Free IDE (Eclipse based). I'll order some samples and try it out. http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/Pages/crossbar-architecture.aspx
  3. If you use super glue then also get a bottle of activator. Plain super glue usually sucks.
  4. IIRC some FTDI chip model was recalled because of a silicon bug. That caused the shortage.
  5. IMHO active lurkers should also be saved. I don't post much but read almost daily.
  6. Any info about CSS limits for the free lisence? Is it 16kB code size limit like with MSP430?
  7. I don't know abou Kicad but in Eagle it's easy to make new components with symbols and footprints. If you don't find one in the library then just make your own.
  8. I just entered the code and that made the sum 0$. I did not choose any shipping and it was accepted. Maybe it's a bug in the webshop.
  9. My package in on the way to Finland. Tracking code says it's in Paris ATM. Did you pay for shipping? I did not pay anything for the Fedex 2-day shipping. I did not even have to fill in any credit card details.
  10. Eagle is a good choice. If the 10x8cm area and two layers is a restriction then the non-profit licence is a good choise.
  11. Good. You made a new topic. One more thing to learn is to choose a better section. This is for user introductions. Maybe the forum moderator can move this thread to a better section. You can set echo on the terminal. Then you see what you type. Also look into terminal escape sequenses. With those you can make all kind on nice stuff. Like UI or even games
  12. Why don't you make a separate topic since your question is not related to this topic?
  13. Yes, you can use the 74HC595. It's best used as a SPI to parallel chip. This is a good way to ad more outputs to the LaunchPad. For a non LaunchPad MSP430 project I would use a model with enough IO pins to save power and PCB area.
  14. Devices supported by LaunchPad socket have too few IO pins. I will mainly use it as a programmer/emulator and have a better MSP430 model. I already got some MSP430F2252 chips and I just ordered 2254 models also. These two models got 16kB flash and that's also the maximum for the free version of CCS4. The LaunchPad may be good for trying different add ons one at a time and then use with better chips. You could use demuxers but better to use a model with enough IO pins.
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