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  1. Now it's working perfectly. Thanks
  2. ok, thanks. i will try and say it works or not.
  3. Now everything is clear. Thanks for help. Tommorow i will try it. Also one question about capacitor: which value is optimal? I'm using 2.2nF, maybe try with 10nF?
  4. with resistor or capacitor (like /RST)? I programmed one board with msp430g2553 uC, where was pullup resistor and pulldown capacitor on /RST pin. TEST pin was open. And everything works perfectly.
  5. I'm placed also pullup resistor (10k) on TEST. Maybe that's the problem? need leave TEST pin floating?
  6. I'm using internal oscilator - without external crystal. Ok, will try pulldown TEST line. But yesterday when i meassured voltages on pins (because i thought maybe some problems with voltages) uC starts. Maybe i shorted something. But next time after turn on, the same problem..
  7. Hi, I have small problem, but i didn't start MSP430 uC standalone. On launchpad board everything works perfectly, but now i buld my own PCB, but it's not working. Everything works fine in debug mode. but if i turn off, and turn on power supply, program doesn't start. I think problem is /RST pin. I saw in datasheet, it must be connect to VCC with pullup 47k resistor, and connect to GND with 2.2nF Pulldown capacitor. My first version was without capasitor, but today i connected capacitor, but still the same problem. Wachdog is turned off in first code line. What I can try more? Tha
  8. Pavelas

    PWM generation

    Hi i do simple project witch generate two phase square signal. P1.2: 1 0 1 0 ... P1.3: 0 1 0 1 ... I do this with Timer, when he counts to CCR0 make interrupt and invert my signal. But now i need do this with PWM. I think i need to use CCR1 register and Output Mode 7: Reset/Set (or other). I need to use exactly this ports. It's possible do that? Thanks for answers.
  9. i do it with this method. :] it was very simple :]
  10. Hi all, I need idea (or code sample), how measure time between two pulses. From sensor is signal (about 200-300Hz), i must measure this frequency. I think it's very simple, but my skills are too low with msp430 MCU.. I think something like this: signal from sensor come to P1.3 (maybe to other pin?) Rising front inicializate interrupt, and start the Timer. When come other signal rising front Timer must stop. Thanks for help, info or etc. Sorry for my bad English. :/
  11. I have LaunchPad from TI, i think all people know about him :]] And i buy MSP430F449 devboard from ebay. :] Link i can't paste in this post :/ I think is very good tool to learn :]
  12. Hi all, I'm new user in this forum, and i not very good speak english. I have two MSP430 boards: Launchboard from TI and devboard from ebay with msp430f449. I hope to found something interesting in this site.
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