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  1. Thanks Rei, Just connect the JTAG pins on the launchpad to JTAG on my board. Great idea, Paul
  2. Hi Fellow Energians, I am developing a product using Energia connected to a CC3200 Launchpad. The ultimate product will not use a launchpad, but will use a CC3200 processor. How does one download from Energia to a custom board? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hello Group. Is there any way to change the color of comments in a sketch? The default grey color is very light and hard to read on my Acer computer and I would like to make it darker and maybe a different color. I tried changing to a different font and that helped a bit. Thanks for your help, Paul
  4. Hello Group, I am new to 43oh but not new to designing microprocessor based products. I'm a Microchip Design Partner and typically use Microchip (Atmel) processors and Atmel Studio for development. I have also developed some products using Arduino compatible boards (Adafruit pro trinket) and the Arduino IDE. But, I am new to the TI CC3200 processor and the Energia IDE (although it looks a lot like Arduino). I'm currently developing a product that creates Sine waves using an AD9833 Waveform generator and serves-up a webpage to adjust the frequency and phase, That's why I am using a CC
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