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  1. Hi Trey, I already tried connecting this board to another computer, and the problem still. (leds wont blink like they used to do before). Even changing the usb port. (I only had not a chance to run the JTAG test, since I don't have CCS installed with C2000 targets at work) On the PC side everything seems Ok, I use usb to many other things (including msp-launchpad, stellaris-launchpad and many other boards I have). Anyway, this board was really useful for me. I made a control's project, presented it (at class) and then the board got bad. (Lucky me!) I wanted to get it working ag
  2. Openned another thread on Ti's forum to see if anyone else had a similar problem.. (I know Trey is from TI, but maye others can help too ) http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/tms320c2000_32-bit_real-time_mcus/f/171/t/227620.aspx
  3. I've also done another thing.. I took the schematics to find some "known voltage" points and measured them. USBVcc = 4.68 V FTDI_3v3 = 3.27 V FTDI_1v8 = 1.75 V +5V = 4.3 V +3v3 = 3.2 V
  4. Hi Trey, Yes, all of them were always in the UP position. (after the problem i tried all possible configurations, all of them giving the same result) The target is being powered by usb, so the jumpers are connected. Yes, i was able to connect and program it many times. And yesterday (righ after posting here) I tried 2 more things: 1. Reinstall drivers on windows 2. Reprogram FT2232H EEPROM (I made a dump and then reprogrammed using files provided on TI's wiki) None of them recovered it..
  5. I was able to do a JTAG scan test.. here are the results: [start] Execute the command: %ccs_base%/common/uscif/dbgjtag -f %boarddatafile% -rv -o -F inform,logfile=yes -S pathlength -S integrity [Result] -----[Print the reset-command software log-file]----------------------------- This utility has selected a 100- or 510-class product. This utility will load the adapter 'jioserdesusb.dll'. The library build date was 'Dec 19 2011'. The library build time was '21:32:12'. The library package version is '5.0.569.0'. The library component version is ''. T
  6. Hi everyone, I have a C2k-Launchpad and was using it to run a program generated from simulink. To do so, I was using CCS4, connecting to the target, downloading the code and running it. Today, while the code was running, code composer showed a message abou the connection being lost, I was a little distracted and just closed the message and tried to connect again. Since then I'm receiving the following message: And if I retry, it changes to: Although it shows up in windows device manager: I don't know what may have happend, and googling around I could not find a way t
  7. Nice! it shows how to define a "named" memory region, and then how to place a custom defined section there!
  8. SirZusa: Thanks for point this out. I already looked another code that i've found searching ti's wiki, and it does something similar (setting a pointer anywere and writing to it), and it includes the code for the MPU too! oPossum: For sure! I've looked forward on it, and checked slau132f (v4.0 compiler's optimization guide). There in the Section 5.9.21 it talks about a pragma "set_data_section". I've tested it, and it does exactly what you said. With this code: // outside of main... like a "global" variable. #pragma SET_DATA_SECTION (".mydata") unsigned char teste[0x2800]; // 10
  9. SirZusa: First i will try with 8bit samples to be easy to send/receive without much effort, but if it shows up to be losing precision, i will then change to more bits. JWoodrell: Since i dont need this really big memory, i will not try the SD card by now. But it will definitly goes to my to do list! It would be nice to have a sort of file system, to do things like open/read/write/close text files, instead of just write bytes to the memory itself. I was looking at the FR57xx user guide (slau272a), and to do this "data storage" in the fram seemed to be as easy as declare a unsigned
  10. Thanks SirZusa My guess is that 1kSample/s for 10sec will be fine (10kSamples). (I will setup some parameters, run it and grab data for 10sec, then save this data, setup another parameters and so on..). I'll take a look at the FRAM!
  11. Hi all, I want to use the launchpad to build a DC motor position control system (for college). I want to use one channel from the adc (to read a potentiometer) and one pwm (to control the speed of the motor). As the "first step", i would like to only grab data from the adc with a fixed pwm, so to know the behavior of the motor. Since the backchannel UART is limited to 9600 baud rate, i came up with 2 ideas of getting this data: 1 - Use the HW uart (from G2553 for eg.) and a FTDI (or any other Serial->USB). 2 - Use one or more SPI EEPROM chips to save this data, and send
  12. Mk_


    Hi, I am from Curitiba - Brazil, student of EE, being working with some MCUs in the last 3 years, from 8051 to ARM. had a little touch with MSPs when TI released ez430-CC2500 kit, and now again with launchpad. Recently I joined ti-launchpad list on googlegroups too. Hope I can help others with my knowledge, and learn a lot from them! Regards, Mikhail
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