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  1. Oh sorry, hello I am a new member. I need your help. I have a LaunchPad MSP_EXP430G2 w/ MSP430G22553 board. And with energia , I must write a sketch, that when I press the button 5 seconds , the led go on. And I havn´t a plan to do this. I know how to get a led by pressing the button once or twice. Now i need help how to get the led when you press the button for 5 seconds. How can I do it? Are there any commands for this or a sample program? Thanks for help! Sorry for my english ,it is not so good. greeting mixas
  2. Hello I need help. I have to get it with an Energia programming that you have to press a button 5 seconds before the led tackles. Are there any programs or commands on how to get this?. Thank you for your help
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