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  1. I got the same anti-virus (McAfee) on both computers, indeed, but that sounds unlikely due to the fact that it worked without any problem BEFORE that I created the shortcut, and that I don't get any message of any kind (while there is such a message when a software is blocked by McFee or by Windows Defender... in general). Update: Same behavior (flashing flash screen then nothing) when I disable the Real-Time Scanning from McAfee.
  2. I installed Energia onto my computer (in fact, on two different ones, just to be sure of myself, and got exactly the same problem on each one). Its runs FINE the first time (with an MSP432). But since it is inconvenient to open it from its unzipped folder, I created a shortcut and moved it onto the desktop (of Windows 10). Then, I clicked on that shortcut and, while the flash screen of Energia appear, ... in a flash ... it disappears in less than a second and ... nothing. Doh, not so bad, that what I thought, since I could run it again from its original place, ... that was I thought... but I w
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