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  1. So, how everybody else was doing? It was timing out as hell, but at the end I managed to click away with 50$ gift certificate. Very nice And big thanks to Sparkfun - haven't heard of anybody else doing something similar. Now need to start browsing through their catalog.
  2. Oh, thanks to everybody! Somehow I missed this thread back then. On switching Caliper into fast mode what's mentioned in latest Hackaday article - I've heard this feature but somehow it didn't work for mine. Will need to take another look. Links mentioned above where indeed very useful also for me trying to figure all this out.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, I2C has built in addressing so that you can have many nodes on the same line and you can address the node when you are sending something. But I haven't looked how good that would work wit Launchpads, but that would be direction I would check if I had to develop network of Launchpads.
  4. he, cool, thanks for link. looks like hackaday is quite popular, I see from trafic
  5. I think this was what tried first too, but it didn't work. I think It must have to do something with fact that in this way, emitter is connected to ground through Launchpads pull-down resistor. So, maybe base-emitter had not enough voltage.
  6. If you mean just use current schematics and NPN transistor and connect transistor pin that is now connected to ground (emitter), connect it to VCC, then it won't work. Voltage difference on base (pin on right) needs to be higher than on emitter for transistor to open. So, if we connect VCC +3V to emitter then there is no way it will open as maximum that can be applied to base is +1.5V from caliper. Using PNP transistor it's OK to apply VCC to emitter, but then again, transistor opens if there is low signal at base, so we apply VCC when there is 0at base, so inversion again. Now I'm thinkin
  7. Wow, what a warm welcome! Nice feature on the front page, now I'm for sure I do feel obligated to make some more meaningful posts. I'll stick around, you have nice community here.
  8. Hello there, I'm new here and this is my first Launchpad project. May I apply for project of the moth contest? (BTW this is cool idea as those kind of things always help to find motivation to describe what you did not just stop when you see everything is working) I recently bought digital caliper and decided to try to read it's data port readings from my Launchpad. One of uses would be to use caliper for precise position sensor if 8Hz updates are enough. It had Clock and Data pin. Had to setup pin that connects to Clock to trigger interrup on every pulse and then in interrupt function do
  9. I like it a lot! Can you tell a bit more what Accelerometer chip you used and how did you connected to Launchpad? Connecting Accelerometer to Launchpad is in one of my next things to do
  10. Hello, I bet there is nobody from Latvia yet Google it if you don't know where it is I'm mostly involved in IT and programing profesionaly but I like electronics and recently started doing more and more experiments with Microcontrollers as I like the mix of programing and electronics.
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