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  1. Hi, I'm new here and I just started programming the TI MSP430FR2355. I have been struggling to get any examples of code I've found online for the use of Timer A to compile in CCS Studio, it always says everything related to Timer A is undefined. I just found this location on the TI website: http://dev.ti.com/tirex/explore/node?node=ANzAuV9QdJf4FZucFqNrMA__IOGqZri__LATEST I tried the code there to set up Timer B and it works!!! I notice there are no examples whatsoever on this page that use Timer A, but in all the documentation I have found Timer A is a thing on the FR2355... so what am I missing? For example f I try to compile anything with "TACCR0" it will say it is undefined... but if I change it to "TBCCR0" it compiles just fine. I feel like I am losing my mind here. I have found absolutely nothing on the internet from anyone else saying they can't get Timer A to work, but they can get Timer B to work. Unfortunately there seems to be little information on programming the FR2355, other than the official TI documents, seems like everyone else is using some other kind of MSP430. Thanks in advance for any help.
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