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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in Would anyone be interested in a MSP430F5510 breakout   
    Would it be more appealing if it came assembled?
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    gatImmusepete reacted to gatesphere in The Gaming Thread!   
    I loved the HoN beta, when I was in it. But I can't really justify spending money on that game because I was terrible at it and don't have a headset.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to Rickta59 in Would anyone be interested in a MSP430F5510 breakout   
    The least appealing thing about it, is that It really isn't specific to the msp430f5510. That board is just a pin break
    out for 48 pin QFP chips. No usb connector, no decoupling capacitor, no XTAL provision, no BSL connector, no reset
    button, no pullup resistor. There is nothing that makes it a break out board specific to the msp430f5510.
    The bigger problem I see with trying to sell something like is the competition from itead / seeedstudio /
    dorkbotpdx prototype pcb services. They all make it so inexpensive, it stifles any reason to do anything other
    than design your own custom board and have them manufacture it.
    I recently looked into making some boards at home. I don't have a laser printer, I don't have the chemicals, nor the
    raw copper clad boards. When you add up the cost of printing, chemicals, and the copper clad boards it only makes
    sense if you are building a different board every couple of days or you are trying to keep your design confidential.

    We are in a sad state when I can have something actually manufactured half way around the world, have it shipped
    here on a plane and get it delivered to my door step for less than it costs me to drive to a local store just to buy the
    materials. I live in the boonies so just driving to radio shack cost me more than $15.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to nuetron in Curiosity Poll: forum member age range   
    Second poll of several.
    Edited 5/30/13
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-2][D]CC2500 RF Module - GB2   
    Bluehash ------25
    Rob-------------4(or 2)
    I hope I got everyone. International members, make sure I put an "(I)" after your name. Thanks all.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to Fe2o3Fish in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    How goes yer quest for the ham radio license???
    Saw this "old" post and thought I'd act nosy. :-D
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    gatImmusepete reacted to resistor in Sub 1GHz Wireless modules   
    I'd be quite interested in that, if the price came out something reasonable.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to RobG in Eagle Frustrations   
    Microsuffering is an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which users express empathy and have positive feelings towards Microsoft, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the users, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from Microsoft for an act of kindness.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to AndrejaKo in CCS5.1: How do I just program the microcontroller?   
    This one must have been answered somewhere, but Google isn't helping and I'm getting drowned in a sea of unrelated information.
    So far my standard procedure when programming a MSP430 using a LaunchPad has been to fire up the CCS and use the debug button. That will at one point program the microcontroller and start debugging as expected.
    What I don't seem to be able to do is o figure out how do I program the microcontroller without actually entering debug mode (is that even possible?).
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in Happy Black Friday!   
    :thumbup: Wish you the same.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to OppaErich in Eagle Frustrations   
    Just the type of remark you really want in situations like this. :mrgreen:
    That's called passionate work, you forget about your standard protocol.
    Awesome drawings :thumbup:
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    gatImmusepete reacted to Fe2o3Fish in Eagle Frustrations   
    Yup, the same people that brought you:
    "Keyboard not found -- press F1 to continue."
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    gatImmusepete reacted to gordon in Eagle Frustrations   
    Though for posterity I must add that it only happened when adding a (some) certain parts from a certain library. Can't say now whether it was Adafruit or SparkFun -- stopped using both of them, zero problems since.
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