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    gatImmusepete reacted to zeke in Learning Python   
    I got a call from a sales droid from Embarcadero today. He wanted me to buy RadStudio XE2. 10% off until the end of the month. I asked him "Where have you been since 2005? C++Builder has been a walking zombie since then."
    That got me thinking of the alternatives to their mega dollar programming environment. Python and Qt came to mind.
    So, while googling for python gui programming, I stumbled onto Google's python class tonight.
    I watched the first video on youtube. I think I'll be watching the rest of them.
    I've also put this author on my reading list: Mark Summerfield
    I am hoping that I can make interactive programs kinda like this live data monitor only with two way communication.
    Anyhow... I'm starting with Google's online Python class.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to DanAndDusty in 25AA320A SPI eeprom read and write   
    Cool. Glad I could help.
    The chips are nice to work with aren't they? I especially like the HOLD line.. Means I can use the SPI pins for connecting to another device and not worry about dropping the CS (which will interrupt/cancel any pending read/write). Very useful when the other SPI device is a DAC that wants 1 byte 44K times a second
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    gatImmusepete reacted to nuetron in Eagle Frustrations   
    I just make do with what I have, and try to avoid dealing with Microsnot as much as possible.
    Got VISTA?
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in 25AA320A SPI eeprom read and write   
    I was replying to voodoofish:
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    Wow, alot of you are operators-zeke and Fe2o3Fish too.
    I found out that there is a local club here. Also the repeater station is five minutes from my place.(http://www.wara64.org/)
    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in Rigol DS1052E $315 shipped!   
    Click the upload attachment tab, below the submit button.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to GeekDoc in Rigol DS1052E $315 shipped!   
    If I hadn't just spent $700 on tires, I would definitely jump on this!
    Oh well, tires were getting pretty bald. Safety first.
    Maybe it'll last a while or get repeated.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to timotet in Rigol DS1052E $315 shipped!   
    So I got the Rigol. It is my first true DSO. Im really happy so far.
    I played with it a fair amount this weekend, and I went back and forth on weather to do "the hack".
    So this morning I said WTF! its only money and went for it.
    Here are the results.
    before notice model number

    after notice model number :clap:

    apparently you can now go down to a 2ns rise time

    not Rise(2) look at Time 2.000ns
    anyhow I'm not complaining this should be more than enough for me.
    if you want to do it check out http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog-speci ... mmy-guide/
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in Anyone with experience in USPS Click 'n' Ship?   
    Thanks Opossum.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to voodoofish in 25AA320A SPI eeprom read and write   
    schematic for the board. someone was asking on irc so figured I'd post it here. It could look better.... :|

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    gatImmusepete reacted to SugarAddict in CC2500 Breakout/BoosterPack   
    25 of what?
    MSP430G253IPW20R: $1.9429 @ 100
    TPS77301: $1.39
    25AA320A-I/SN-ND: $0.50 @ 100 (32k serial EEPROM)
    The resistors/caps are minor (25 cents prolly? I get most of mine at 1 or 2 cents each, if that?)
    So if you managed to get people to go for the full kit deal and make 100 qty, board price + ~$4. I think that's fairly cheap... and like I said in PM, I'll go in on some extra tssop G2553's if you are ordering them I'll even include some free beer for ya (though I would recommend tylenol or theraflu if you're sick...) I didn't count headers... I don't know about the rest of people, but I have tons of headers of my own already :D
    I'm in on 6 at full kitting or board only either way. btw, please update the group buy post with everyone's qty request?
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    gatImmusepete reacted to RobG in Which Mac to buy?   
    I need a web server module to build X-10 controller for example. Ether/WiFi -> web server -> MSP430 -> X-10
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    gatImmusepete reacted to kenemon in Which Mac to buy?   
    Are there clones available these days?
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    gatImmusepete reacted to HylianSavior in Learning Python   
    One issue I have with Python is the lack of actual public/private classes... Probably due to its origin as a scripting language.
    I haven't delved too deep into it though- Maybe I'll get around to doing something with it sometime.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in Curiosity Poll: forum member location   
    Country Ranking for the forums.

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    gatImmusepete reacted to GeoNomad in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    Ham radio is a great hobby and a wonderful community. You will meet fine hams all over the world, on the radio, on the internet, and if you travel, in person.
    Start by meeting the local hams in the nearest club(s).
    Look for the various hamfests that might be near you. There are small regional ones and large divisional ones, and then there is Dayton.
    And most important, turn on the radio and LISTEN. Listen to HF, listen to 2 meters, listen to some morse code. Find your niche, maybe you will get hooked on digital transmissions (CW was the first digital transmission - it is all ones and zeros). Maybe satellite or moonbounce. Maybe contests. Maybe just having an HT on your belt and a radio in the car. There is something for everyone.
    And always something new. BTW, there are now over 700,000 hams in the US. More per capita than at any previous time. It is not a dying hobby. And a surprising number of new hams choose to learn CW, even though it is no longer required. You can do a lot more with a small budget or a small lot using CW.
    73 :wave:
    AB6WM - VE3SUN - C31LJ
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    gatImmusepete reacted to nuetron in Curiosity Poll: forum member location   
    Third poll.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to GeekDoc in Share pics of your workspace setup   
    Mobile workspace:

    Tinker anywhere!
    My (Android) phone should be in the pic because I use it to tether (so I can keep up with the Four-Three-oh! forums) when I can't get wi-fi, but I was using it to take the photo.
    I'll post pics of my main work areas as soon as I get them presentable. I'm waiting on a shipment of round tewits...
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    gatImmusepete reacted to Mac in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    I would also recommend checking out at least a couple local clubs. You'll find a great mix of interests and personalities. Field Day is always fun. Tower rasing parties are fun. The QRP groups seem to do a lot in the way of home-brew projects. SDR (software defined radio) is pretty exciting stuff.

    My HF station includes an Icom 756PRO-II (above), an old 500w Heathkit SB-200 amplifier, a 5-band (20 thru' 10) Quad at 50 feet, and a ladder-line fed inverted vee for the 160 through 30 meter bands. I enjoy CW, SSB, digital modes, and DX (long distance) contacts (318 countries confirmed).
    Good luck in your studies...
    Very 73, Mike McLaren, K8LH
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    gatImmusepete reacted to bluehash in Curiosity Poll: forum member location   
    Hope you are not responsible for all those clicks :mrgreen:
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    gatImmusepete reacted to zeke in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    I'm a HAM as well (VE6ZEK).
    I run an FT-7R and an FT-8800R.
    I built my own J-Pole antenna from aluminum stock at home depot. Does that count?
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    gatImmusepete reacted to gwdeveloper in Curiosity Poll: forum member age range   
    Dang. Another year gets added today. Now my wife can call me old again. But only for a month until she's as old as me again.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to zeke in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    I don't have an HF radio right now so I take advantage of some generous HAM's online.
    Check out http://www.websdr.org/. There you'll find SDR's worldwide that you can listen to.
    I usually listen to the eastern seaboard using http://w4ax.com/ in Atlanta,GA.
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    gatImmusepete reacted to zeke in Fry's?   
    I've been hearing about this American store called Fry's.
    I've never been there but I hear that it is supposed to be a store containing super happy fun joy joy for electronics geeks :ugeek: like us.
    Is this true :thumbup: or is the store just :eh: :roll: :thumbdown: ?
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    gatImmusepete reacted to nuetron in Curiosity Poll: forum member age range   
    Thanks, fixed.
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