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  1. Have you tried http://www.energyfiend.com/big-cock-energy-drink-no-this-isnt-a-joke or this http://www.energyfiend.com/2-crazy-new-zealand-energy-drinks The Miss Helen's was definitely the best.
  2. So where does the stellaris fit in all this? Those chips are 3x the price of the stm32l (which seems around six dollars)
  3. I got myself a 40w laser as well, unfortunately the USB drivers are AWOL, and the fans DC motor appears to have cooked itself. I've been trying to get in touch with fslaser.com about a mach3 replacement, which one did you go with Fred?
  4. No rush, I'm still trying to get my MezzoMill working.
  5. I've soldered mine on to the Breakout boards but that's as far as I got sorry.
  6. What is wrong with Tapatalk?
  7. Johnnyboats is welcome to take my two :-) I've been called off my holiday early anyway so I'm not as far along as I wanted to be.
  8. Seeed already do I board based on the sim900 so I was hoping to get some help from that, and there is a European bunch that do one based on the 908.
  9. Did you get any further with this or are you waiting on parts?
  10. I have to order >$140 worth of stuff to get free shipping, i'm going to order some FTDI related stuff from Spirilis and oPossum's thread on USB plus some other bits, but if there are any kiwis who want stuff, let me know in a PM and I can order it and ship it to you locally. I'm in Auckland, but I'm happy to send it on. Richard
  11. Oh, I should have mentioned I'm on 220. Happy to give my 2 up to someone else but also happy to pay for them and donate.
  12. Looks like Seeedstudio will be offering e-ink shortly, which would be great for low power!
  13. Its interesting to look at the different regulators your boards are using. The Microchip one gives 250mA but at the expense of a higher quiescent current (1.6uA) than the 0.5 - 1 uA the T I one takes for more money and less current (150 uA). I have seen Rob use a different regulator that outputs 800mA, but it drives some less so... Was this in your mind when choosing or did you go with what you guys were already familiar with?
  14. Hi all, Those are some pretty awesome boards! I'm interested in how oPossum made the usb stick plugin part? I'd like to do the same with a FTDI but with a SMD MSP430G2553 attached to it, so I can use an app running on the computer (like Noduino) to individually control the leds. Is there a schematic anywhere for the usb stick version that would be ok to share? I'll happily contribute mine back of course :-) Richard
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