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  1. Hi gwdeveloper, now I've another problem with MSP-EXP430F5529...I'm not able to updload the code to the board using the bootstrap loaer feature. I connected my MSP-EXP430f5529 to my USB PC via 5529 USB port (on top right of experimental board) I switched off my MSP-EXP430f5529 I pressed the S4 button I switched on my MSP-EXP430f5529 (Power SEL to LDO) I try to run a script with BLS_Scripter.exe provided by ti site RX_DATA_BLOCK_FAST are marked as DONE but when I try to run a TX_DATA_BLOCK fails I've also tried with BSL_USB_GUI but I received "No device connect
  2. Thank you very much for your help.... now I can debug the board.... I have only a problem..... when I plug my board using 5529 LDO I get an unknown device in my "device manager" windows.... but demo apps works Can I ignored it? Massimo
  3. Hi All, I just bought EXP430f5529 and I'm running the pre-installed firmware. I am trying to run the "Terminal Echo" demo app, but by default the usb drivers are not working. I downloaded and installed the software 5529UE-1.10.01-Setup.exe and MSP430_USB_Developers_Package-3.0-Installer.exe from TI site and the usb device is not being recognized as a serial comm port. The USB Device is listed in device manager as Virtual Com Port (CDC) and has an exclamation point beside it. Any thoughts how to read and write to the exp board through the usb port? My operative system is windows 7 64 b
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