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    AndrejaKo got a reaction from gatImmusepete in CCS5.1: How do I just program the microcontroller?   
    This one must have been answered somewhere, but Google isn't helping and I'm getting drowned in a sea of unrelated information.
    So far my standard procedure when programming a MSP430 using a LaunchPad has been to fire up the CCS and use the debug button. That will at one point program the microcontroller and start debugging as expected.
    What I don't seem to be able to do is o figure out how do I program the microcontroller without actually entering debug mode (is that even possible?).
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    AndrejaKo reacted to gordon in Getting temp demo to run with rev 1.5 Launchpad?   
    Change them to TIMER0_A0_VECTOR and TIMER0_A1_VECTOR respectively. The 2553 has more Timer_A peripherals than the controllers that came with the <1.5 LaunchPads -- it would seem TI hasn't updated the temperature demo code to account for this.
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