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    TL228 reacted to geometrikal in [Energia Library] Jaffl: Just another FatFs library   
    Hi TL
    I haven't working on the Launchpad for a very long time sorry. However, I would recommend the SdFat library -> https://github.com/greiman/SdFat to see if it works. That is what I'm currently using with an ATmega1248
    What I really recommend is to develop in Visual Studio Code with the PlatformIO plug in (https://platformio.org/platformio-ide). So much better than the Energia or Arduino IDEs
    I searched for the SdFat library in there and found this page: https://platformio.org/lib/show/322/SdFat which says it has MSP430 support so I would hope that it would work fairly seemlessly with  the FRs.
    Good luck!
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    TL228 reacted to jcR in [Energia Library] Jaffl: Just another FatFs library   
    Hi Geometrikal, Hi TL
    The portage works perfectly, it is only necessary to put the good chip select for the Launchpad as well as to specify the good bus SPI in the file Jaffl.cpp in the routine SPI_INIT. For the applications which I use I tested at the same time the competition between the SPI bus (0) which manages the SD card and the SPI bus (1) which manages another device.
    I enclose all the necessary sources to test on a Launchpad MSP430FR5994.
    For my work I use Visual Studio 2019 with the Visual Micro plugin.
    I can compile for Arduino (Arduino,ESP8266,ESP32,ST) and Energia families in an efficient way.
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    TL228 reacted to jcR in Serial1 not Working, attachInterrupt not Working   
    I still do not understand why corrections have still not been made for this chip.
    As I needed these corrections, I had to do them myself although I am not a specialist on this subject.
    So I modified the necessary files to have access to all the pins of the MSP430FR5994,
    even those which are not cabled on the Launchpad, in order to be able to use them on my own cards.
    I enclose the modified files as well as the positions in the folders, to help the users facing the same problems as me.
    It would be desirable for the Energia team to finally address these issues and include these changes in a forthcoming release.
    Indeed this chip is perfect to make very good low consumption modules ,
    and the  ENERGIA concept  makes it easy to develop the complementary software
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