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  1. Will something like this work for you @@bazuchan? http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1626-usb-midi-adapter/
  2. Yes, but it can be used for C development (plug-in required.) FYI, CCS is based on Eclipse, which like IDEA, is also used mostly for Java and web development.
  3. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    @@zeke, can you email me close up picture of the problem area? I just got second compliant about cut trace (different section of the PCB.)
  4. Since we are on the subject, has anyone tried to use IntelliJ IDEA?
  5. You have to use ugl8 for ST7735. You don't need MISO unless you want to use SD card. DC is RS/DC pin on ST7735 running in 4 wire mode. If your LCD uses ST7735 in 3 wire mode (9 bit SPI,) then this library will not work as is. Older versions of my glib do have 9 bit support, but you can only use software SPI. RESET on my BPs has its own circuit, simple RC, so you will either have to add RC(47k, 0.1uF) or use a spare pin.
  6. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    Oh wow, good to know. Are you talking about that thin vertical line going through the track? Those are suppose to be 100% tested. BTW, why red? why not black wire?
  7. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    I want to do another version of the board, one that uses IN-8 tubes, but the question is, should the tubes face in or out. As a geek, my choice is in, so that I can see all components in front of the tubes. Tubes facing out would be better if you want to use enclosure. SMD version of the IN-8 based clock is also an option (1" shorter PCB.)
  8. Updated library to work with the "new" pinout.
  9. RobG

    PCB breakout boards

    I think it is, I should have one left so pm me if you want it.
  10. I have few questions for users of LCD BoosterPacks.
  11. Early versions of 2.4 BP had only JP1-6. JP7-9 was added later on, one of the users requested it because J1.9 conflicted with another function he needed. Missing bridge on JP7 would affect only BPs shipped in the last 2 months.
  12. FYI, some BPs with touch panel may have been shipped with JP7 open. JP7 should be shorted by default as it is needed for touch controller.
  13. If you use one of the supported MCUs, yes, that's all you need. If you change default USCI module, you will also have to change USCIx defines.
  14. I have experienced similar problem with my latest boards. My SMD board was OK, but the one with DIP wasn't (GPS worked great when MCU was away, not in the socket.) BoosterPack version works fairly good, but there are days when it takes several minutes to get 3D fix.
  15. My Universal Graphics Library supports F5529, see here
  16. Sorry for not replying for so long, I was on vacation for the past 3 weeks. Let me know if you need more help.
  17. The board is matt black. The gloss is from resin residue and it's only present around headers and switches.
  18. MSP432 version of my Universal Graphics Library. Works with my latest Color LCD BoosterPacks, 2.2" and 2.4" (320x240) Touch support will be added in late April. ugl432.zip
  19. No license, it's free to use. Just drop a line about the source/author if you plan to use large parts of it in your own code.
  20. You don't have to, Tiva version already exists, but somehow I cannot find it after upgrade. http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/1948-library-color-lcd-graphics-library/
  21. GSCLK is on PB2. If I remember correctly, I had to short PE5 to PB2 (green wire on the video.) My BP was designed for MSP430G LP, not Tiva.
  22. You can find schematic right here. As for the PWM Timer... can't remember why it is there, but I believe I was testing something else and forgot to remove it
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