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  1. I will take a look once I find some time, but this could be caused by different default settings of the display driver (I am setting only few basic things in configuration function.) Should be an easy fix.
  2. @@pyrosster, @@solipso, shipping to EU would be $14 (new USPS rates) + $3 for the flux, so not sure if it's worth it for you.
  3. I will have gallon of Kester 979 flux, but that is way too much for me and I want to sell most of it at cost. 979 is a replacement for 971, and is an awesome flux. It's VOC free, huge plus if you do your SMT work at home. 16oz(1 pint) is $5 plus shipping (US only,) which should be around $5 as well. I may also do 8oz, which should be ~$6 shipped (US only.)
  4. There's no way you can stop it, you can only make it difficult. I have seen people taking my code (or parts of it) and then claiming it as theirs. Even my board designs were "borrowed." If my code is simple and not unique, I don't mind when other's are using it. If I spend many hours writing the code, reading data sheets, and researching, that's another story. Oh, and if you don't like when companies steal software, then you should stop using Android
  5. SensorTag can be used not only for development I had to find the exact location when fixing problem with my subfloor, so I attached small magnet under the floor and used ST to locate it.
  6. RobG

    CC3100MOD - Pics

    I wonder if those are original TI chips or knock-offs. If original, I would be in for few, maybe more.
  7. Have you consider using Molex's Eurostyle 39501 and 39502 series connectors? (search on eBay for 3.5mm pluggable screw terminal block connector) What's the status of dAISy BoosterPack?
  8. If you don't want to invest time and money in all that software/hardware, you could pick another way to run your show. You could use MIDI player to play music and at the same time control your lights. I had a plan to do just that and designed MIDI-DMX bridge. To keep things simple, MIDI would trigger events, and then smaller controllers (like this one) would drive pixels and take care of animations. You could use DMX devices and WS2811 pixels.
  9. Star PCB is needed for cooling (they should be mounted on larger heat sink, PCB is used as a conductor,) 1W and 3W/4W LEDs do get hot. My kits were designed to fit standard 10W and 20W enclosures, those enclosures are made out of aluminum and provide cooling. If you power 10W or 20W LEDs without heat sink, they will get super hot and will most likely get damaged after some time.
  10. I don't have a blog (at least not one that is up to date.) I post about my stuff here, diyc.com, diyc.org, and just started on hackster.io You have to first decide what LEDs you want to use. If you are thinking 1W-5W, I would use LM317, MOSFET, or NSI50350 as LED driver. My driver would be inefficient when used with LEDs <10W.
  11. The big spot lights in the video are DMX moving head lights, the rest of the lights are WS2811. There are several ways to control them, but you will need specialized software, like Vixen, and one or more controller, like SanDevices' e682 or Falcon F16. I have few types of floods, WS2811 and plain RGB. The total cost to build 10W is about $12-$15 per flood, 20W $20-$25. The 24ch DMX controller kit is $32 and it can be driven from LaunchPad, USB-DMX dongle, or other controllers like e682 (which has pixel and DMX outputs.) If you go with WS2811 floods, you will not need 24ch controller. To learn more, check out http://diychristmas.org/and http://doityourselfchristmas.com
  12. Yes, I have 10W & 20W RGB flood lights with a companion 24ch DMX controller. Here's my board used for Xmas show (in Puerto Rico.) [will post link to video once it's made public]
  13. There's 5529 LP define in config file, make sure it is not commented and all other are commented out.
  14. MSP430G2553IN20 chips are now in short supply and they are getting pricey. I want to order large batch of lower end versions of 2553, but I am looking for one or more people to partner with (to meet MOQ.) Here are some options: MSP430G2513IN20 - $1.35 16K Flash, 512 RAM, no ADC MSP430G2413IN20 - $1.21 8K Flash, 512 RAM, no ADC MSP430G2353IN20 - $1.08 4K Flash, 256 RAM MSP430G2213IN20 - $1.04 2K Flash, 256 RAM, no ADC Shipping will be ~$3 (US only.) MOQ is ~300pcs for the entire order and ~100pcs of each. I am interested in 100pcs of any of those. If we order 2513 only, the MOQ is 200pcs. If we order 2353 only, the MOQ is 250pcs.
  15. This is the one I have been waiting for, Ponoko 35% off the making cost of all laser cutting orders. http://blog.ponoko.com/2015/11/26/biggest-sale-of-the-year-has-arrived/?utm_source=Ponoko%20Newsletter&utm_campaign=1336aa417e-Black_Friday&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_218f094e4f-1336aa417e-39212169
  16. Your master can send commands to slaves via UART Tx and receive from from one device on UART Rx (the problem here is that Rx and Tx have to use same baud rate and receive from only one.) You could also use SPI or I2C for Bluetooth and accelerometer and UART to drive slaves only. Why did you choose 59116? So the bulk cap would go close to regulator's input, bypass caps would go as close as possible to Vcc pins of each chip. Here's an example of 3 ICs with bypass caps and LDO with input and output bulk caps.
  17. Three things: 1. your 3.3V power rail is not correct, caps are in series, should be parallel to 3.3V and GND. 2. Add bulk cap (10uF-100uF/50V) on the input and bypass caps (0.1uF) next to each IC's Vcc. 3. Add 47k pull-up resistor on RST line.
  18. Totally forgot about this board. New version, all through hole, now available.
  19. MSP430F5500IRG for < $1 (11.14.2015) http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430f5500irgzt/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/45T9764?ost=45T9764&CMP=AFC-OP&categoryId=&categoryName= MSP430F5325IPN $1.50 http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430f5325ipn/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/27W9599 MSP430G2212IN20 $0.37 http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430g2212in20/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/24T4659 MSP430G2111IPW14 $0.21 http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430g2111ipw14/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/72R5895 MSP430G2001IPW14R $0.23 http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430g2001ipw14r/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/88W4668 MSP430G2201IPW14R $0.32 http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430g2201ipw14r/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/88W4672 MSP430G2553IPW20R <$1.50 http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430g2553ipw20r/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/88W4680 MSP430F5436IPZ $3.20 http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/msp430f5436ipz/microcontroller-mcu-16-bit-msp430/dp/12P7736 Many more: http://www.newark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?catalogId=15003&langId=-1&storeId=10194&categoryId=800000028009&pageSize=25&showResults=true&pf=810096409,810303965,810303982,811279236,811357301,811982078,812021357,812036997,812036998,812036999
  20. Do you have my 2.2" 320x240 LCD BP? All LCD BPs that I made since that one share the pinout and the driver. Here's CCS library for MSP432
  21. When I started ugl thread, Energia was in its infancy and your choice of IDE was either CCS or IAR. I will try to find time to clean up some of my posts, but with so many things going on right now ( personal life, day job, hobby world, TI world,) that might take a long time.
  22. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    Very cool how to assemble video from Joe:
  23. post a picture of your setup, the back of 5110, and attach your project files.
  24. I don't, but this is how to connect it: 5110's SCLK pin to LP's P1.5 DN pin to P1.7 SCE pin to P1.4 DC pin to P1.6 And of course 5110's Vcc to LP's 3.3V and GND to LP's GND. Also, you will have to connect 5110's RST pin to 47k resistor and to 0.1uF capacitor. Resistor to Vcc, capacitor to GND (RC reset.) You could also use one of LP's pins to reset LCD.
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