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  1. FYI, the 432 library is here.
  2. My LCD has SPI backpack attached.
  3. I am trying to include function that is not referenced, but the function is not emitted. __attribute__ ((used)) Any ideas?
  4. RobG

    Nokia 5110 display

    This is weird, I got the same error when I created new project. Comment out line right above first error, //setAddr(0, 0); Build, then un-comment that line and build again, error should disappear.
  5. For codes, got to doityourselfchristmas (we were able to reverse eng. those ears) While you there, checkout Komby RF1, it's something similar to what you're trying to do, but larger.
  6. Try changing UCB0BR0 from 0x03 to 0x04. This code was written for WS2811/WS2812, WS2812B has slightly different timing.
  7. You can use TLC5940 to multiplex LEDs. However, I would suggest using something with more channels, like TLC5947 which has 24 channels, or TLC5955, which has 48!
  8. Don't use BIT0, you have to use bit #, so BIT0 is 0. BITBAND_PERI(P1OUT,0)=1; BITBAND_PERI(P1OUT,0)=0;
  9. @@phenyl, this is not a valid project, you need to create one first. 1. New -> CCS Project 2. Select your Target (choose MSP432P401R) 3. Extract ugl432.zip into new folder 4. Copy/paste all files from the folder to your project (replace existing main.c when asked) You are done!
  10. Yes, it is running on the edge of specs and tLH is fairly high, but as you suggested it, base resistor will correct that.
  11. I have been using this technique for chips like W5200, W5500, TLC5947, TLC5951, etc., and... Make sure you have exposed area under the IC and on the opposite side (tStop and bStop layers) Use few 0.023 or 0.027 vias. Those sizes work well with 0.020 solder, I just stick it in the via and touch with iron If you use footprints w/o heat pad, make sure you don't have any tracks under the IC.
  12. You definitely need 270 pull-up resistor on opto's output and I would use 3.3V Vcc instead of 5V. For the output, you could also use LVC1G07, like here. This is pretty much what I am using on my board.
  13. Well, they could also lower their medium volume pricing. Besides, who would buy and use IN20 in large quantities (except distributors?)
  14. Same here. I pretty much implement all my new ideas or test code on 2553, because it takes me only few minutes to do so. The problem with 2553 is availability and price. $2.00-$2.80 is way too much and I hear that every time I am trying to convince someone to use 2553. With increased RAM (1K or 2K) and lower price ($1.00,) 2553IN20 could become the MCU of choice for many hobbyists, educators, and many others.
  15. @@right13, use drawCharMdBkg instead of Sm and add another loop between two existing ones. 8x12 has only one byte for each row, you have 5, and that's why you need that new loop. Area has to be 40x48 looks like.
  16. The part TI uses in their LPs is CNT-F254-2*10-GS-850-9 (supplier is CM?) but I cannot find it anywhere.
  17. I got some decent pieces from Tayda couple of years ago, but my latest order came with headers that are just horrible. Few recent LPs use headers that are nice and sturdy.
  18. I am looking for a good quality (thick pins) stackable headers, 1x10, similar to the ones used on MSP432 LaunchPad. Let me know if you know manufacturer, model, or a seller.
  19. You can find example code here, not for Atmega, but might be helpful.
  20. RobG

    The Marquee Clock

    Instead of making your own PCB, how about using standard strips? You need to make a small tool, little bit wider than the strip, with shallow V on one end (or you can try to find jeweler's bending pliers.) Bending strip on one side between LEDs will arc the strip. I did a test once to see if I can make arcs and circles for xmas displays, and that worked pretty well.
  21. RobG

    Tiva Eagle Library

    The one in the first post is the latest.
  22. What size is the font you want? Can you attach your (converted) font file?
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