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  1. As long as it's the SPI verison, it will. If it's parallel, you will need have make updates to the code.
  2. Too bad you didn't grab one when you had a chance @zeke
  3. I went to Sears yesterday to get my new lawn mower and I got a free gift, Kenmore Alfie Voice-Controlled Intelligent Shopper. The regular price of Alfie is $49, but they are now on sale for $25. However, if you are SYW member and you spend more than $25, you get one for free (expires 7/1/17!) BTW, I also found Alfie for $7.95 on Amazon (with free Prime shipping, even cheaper from other vendors.) What's the big deal about Alfie? Crack one open and you will find the following: CC3200R1 Single-Chip Wireless MCU (with W25Q32JV (32M-bit) serial Flash memory from Winbond and a chip anten
  4. _delay_cycles is an intrinsic function provided by CCS
  5. I was going to go with MKE04Z8VTG4 (48MHz, 5V, TSSOP16, $0.60,) but a) had some issues with their tools, latency is 15/?, c) don't really want to deal with complexities of ARM (my code is super simple.) RL78/G12 sounds like a winner, I will look into it.
  6. I am looking for MCU that fulfills those requirments: cheap, <$1 low pin count, SOIC or TSSOP, 8 to 20 pins 5V (3.3V would work too) 25-48MHz (internal) 16 bit low interrupt latency (similar to MSP430's 6/5 or 6/3 clock cycles) free IDE
  7. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    Source code for the latest version of the clock (v5.) nixie.hmain_v5.c
  8. Hi, due to problems with suppliers, I have decided not to make them anymore. I only have LCDs without touch panel now.
  9. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    Regarding slot machine effect, I can't decide if I should scroll 4 or 3 digits when clock is in 12 hr mode and hour is < 10. For example, when time is 3:00, leftmost digit is off, so slot machine is shown only on 3 tubes.
  10. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    Here's short video. I am looking for suggestions re separator and AM/PM indication. I have 4 modes for the separator, off, on only when PM, blinking every second, and one blink AM/two blinks PM My wife says double blinking is annoying, so what do you think?
  11. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    I had one request for alarm, but I don't think many would use this clock as an alarm clock. There's room for a small, 12mm piezo, but I figured if someone wants to add alarm, they can either use available J1 header or use (flash) digits, separator, or LEDs to signal alarm. Also, couple of days ago, I was thinking about adding IR receiver (utilize J1 for this.) Several people mounted this clock in enclosures or high above, making switches hard to reach. IR receiver in combination with cheap IR xmtr or TV remote, would allow setting time/functions remotely. Maybe next revision.
  12. RobG

    MSP430 Nixie Clock

    Any day now @@cubeberg I am now adding software features requested by users. There were few requests for effects that will prevent cathode poisoning, so I will add two effects, slot machine and blanking. Slot machine will basically scroll all numbers for a few seconds every so often. Blanking will keep display off and show time for few seconds every few seconds.
  13. Yep, I actually have 2 BPs https://www.tindie.com/products/RobG/32-io-expander-booster-pack-pcb-mcp23s18/
  14. Black MSP432 LP used XMS silicon, so it was obvious that sooner or later the board will be updated and $4.32 sale was a signal of the coming change.
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