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    noogrub reacted to larsie in Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack   
    I was similarly frustrated with Anaren but especially TI for a short while, until I realized that TI actually have some simple example RF code out there in nice BSD licenses. That's the code that https://github.com/mobilars/LarsRF is based on. So I've forgiven them ... especially since the sell their Launchpad device at such a DIY-friendly price, which must be below their cost even at the large volume they are making it. They deserve a lot of credit for that.
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    noogrub reacted to gcohler in Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack   
    Hi, Are your jumpers on the LaunchPad set correctly? See step 6 of the QuickStart guide. If not, then the virtual com port will not operate through the USB.
    For proper operation of the UART interface to the
    computer, the LaunchPad J3 jumpers must be modified:
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    noogrub reacted to CorB in Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack   
    When testing the Air-BoosterStack software from Anaren you need to be sure that you set the devices in the right mode. So one serves as a HUB and another serves as a SENSOR. I had initially problems to get this working but after the firmware revision later in december the steps to setup as HUB and SENSOR did work easier. After that things should work as planned.
    Unfortunately we cannot SEE the AIR-Module working if the HUB and SENSOR are not communicating with each other. A simple Led (with a jumper) on the boosterpack would have been easy.
    Furthermore, I had an issue with one of my launchpads which took me some time to find out. The GND-connection did not reach the boosterpack. Turned out that one this particular launchpad the GND pin from the header wasnt connecting good. It might be wise to check if the AIR_module gets powered up properly.
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    noogrub reacted to gwdeveloper in Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack   
    Here's an updated CCS project for the Anaren Air Booster Pack. It's quite obvious they're not familiar with CCS. Included directories are very vague and leave header includes looking like "../../../HAL/HAL.h" instead of simply, "HAL.h". The code is a mess as well as the project's documentation lacks notes on how to configure the CCS project.
    CCS v5.1 Project
    CCS v4.2 Project
    Originally, it required you to create a new workspace in the /Firmware folder then import the project. With this project, you can import into any workspace.
    2 warnings exist after compiling but don't seem to cause malfunction.
    Consider this repair in the BETA stages, there are a few more changes that should be made for all-round usability but it works to get it going and test it.
    NOTE: This is a CCS project you need to import. In CCS, click "Project -> Import Existing CCS Project" then browse to the unzipped project folder.
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