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  1. >>But we all know TI never does anything the easy way. Actually, I'd say the opposite. TI rocks. I don't see anyone from Anaren in here trying to help.
  2. CorB, Ialso experienced a faulty LaunchPad. One of my LaunchPads has a non-responsive button. I've been using it for other projects, mainly prototyping a "shield" with a BEAM Nv neuron circuit for some robotics ideas I have. However the two boards I am using for the BoosterPacks seem to be fine in every way. Both of them have been used multiple times with various LED-blinking programs, etc etc and everything seems fine with them. John
  3. I have compiled this code onto the two devices. When triple-clicking the button, both of them toggle between two blinks and three blinks, which tells me that they are ready for pairing. However, when I plug either of them in, the ATC Booster Stack lite GUI does not find them. Has anyone had this problem? My TX/RX jumpers are turned (I have the latest versions of the MSP430 boards, just came in the mail last week). I've walked through the quick start several times without any successful connection to the GUI. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong but it beats me what it is.
  4. Thank you very much for this code. I am running it in CCSv5 and it seems fine. You were right about the Anaren example, those fellows clearly didn't know what they were doing. Oh well, you do, and so here's a hearty Thank You from Indiana. One thing I discovered is that the program compiles and loads just fine but running ATC Booster Stack lite does not cause any connection. Is there something I am missing? Resetting the serial connection does no good. Pressing S2 causes the blinking alarm that I see in the code, so I feel confident that the program is loaded. Checked the device (MS
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