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  1. The Launchpad has the TX/RX going from the MSP430 chip to the TUSB3410's "pseudo UART", which you can then access through the virtual com port. If you can find a way to pulse the RST and TEST ports there's no reason why you can't do BSL. Well, at least theoretically 8-)
  2. Oh and be careful if you're hooking up the LDO; the MSP430 has virtually no 5V tolerant ports (except I think the PUx ones), so you'll literally burn the chip if you accidentally do so.
  3. There's a limit on how much current the Launchpad can supply, since it's powering so much (TUSB3410, its crystal, the FET emulator, the LEDs, etc...). Have you tried self-powering the MSP430F5 chip? Some models have an integrated 3.3V LDO so you can hook it up to a 5V source and direct the output to the chip DVCC.
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