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  1. The CC110L is a trimmed down version of the CC1101. The AIR430Boost library only supports CC110L. You'll have to read up on the register differences between the CC110L/CC1101 and make the changes to the library. All function calls can remain the same, just change register values. You can visit Anaren's website under AIR and support to find valid FCC/ETSI settings for the CC1101-based RF modules. Edit: It currently only supports MSP430G2553. You'll have to make a few modifications to use it with your MCU.
  2. It is important to remember that interrupt routines should be kept as simple (and short) as possible. When they are being executed no other code is running and (typically) interrupts are disabled. If you're blocking on one interrupt (say a push button) you may lose data coming in over UART! Note: The handler is simply a callback function that is called from the interrupt routine defined at the interrupt vector.
  3. Schnecker, The intent of the library was to provide a simple interface to the radio. If you dive into the library source code, you will find that putting the radio to sleep is handled for you in the GDO0 ISR of the A110x2500Radio class - there is no need to call sleep(). Also, the interface correctly handles waking up the radio whenever a receiverOn() or transmit() operation occurs - there is no need to call wakeup(). I hope this clarifies things for you. Feel free to contribute or modify your local version of the library to extend its features (but do share!). -Brandon
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