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  1. Hi Robert, good question to ask. I ran the board manager again. After 15 minutes the installation was still "stuck" at the stage shown above. After 25 minutes I came back and found that it had progressed with the following message: I had previously confirmed that the \tools\ folder was completely empty. I ignored the error shown and was pleased to find that the Tiva C board definitions had indeed installed correctly. I was able to run the blink example from the video. I should have been more patient, but >15 minutes is longer than I expected, especially as this is just
  2. I attempted a fresh install on a completely different PC with, unfortunately, exactly the same result. The board managers hangs when attempting to install the Tiva C boards. I guess this may be some issue with the board managers as it's occurred on two entirely separate machines.
  3. Hi Robert, I think you have correctly diagnosed the problem. When I perform step 6, Energia hangs at this point (and I now recall this happened before) Here is as much information as I can find out I'd be very grateful for any thoughts on next steps. I've already disabled antivirus for the install and also removed old versions of Java that were installed on my system.
  4. Hi Stefan, Thank you for your interest. Please see attached image from my filesystem. I am not sure if the tool is there or not? I'm new at Energia. I don't know how it's structured and I had rather assumed that all of the necessary components would be included automatically, but perhaps this is an easy fix if not?
  5. I tried installing TI's own LMFlashProgrammer and Code Composer Studio in case they were needed, but the error still remains unfortunately
  6. Hello, I am a new user attempting the blink example. Here is the error that I get java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "C:\Users\andre\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages\energia\tools\dslite\": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified I have already installed the drivers from https://energia.nu/guide/install/windows/ and restarted the PC. The device is a LaunchPad (Tiva C) w/tm4c123 (80MHz) on COM3. I'm using Window 10 PRO, with latest updates. Energia 1.8.7E21. Many thanks for any thoughts
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