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  1. Very nice! I haven't started work on this project for myself just yet but I am wanting to get to something like this soon for my bike. Dual throttle bodies, port injection, fun times!
  2. Here is a video of it on the screen. I apologize for the quality. Tried to use the slowest camera I had to keep the refreshing from showing. http://youtu.be/mBSmEdL-Gww
  3. Got this in an email and thought it was pretty neat. Gives the G series a bit more math oomph! http://www.ti.com/tool/msp430-iqmathlib
  4. 3 lines is pretty good considering how small this thing is. I got my graphic done, just gotta take the sample code i just found and modify it to work. Should have brought the display into work! Here is the small animation I want to run while the AC is on
  5. Yeah I've been reviewing the datasheet on this little guy and it does seem more text oriented but their LCD bitmap program is really useful and neat. Cant wait to do my first fan blade animation for the new climate control in the house... Should probably go work on that. If anyone form Noritake reads this, the booklet that comes with the display gives links to download Arduino sample code and such but when you type it in only goes to a dead blog site.
  6. Anybody gotten theirs yet? Friend of mine did and he said that he got the character display instead of the graphic. Musta run out quickly! Mine is due to arrive today, can't wait!
  7. I'm really excited about this one, really wanting to play with their small series of displays!
  8. I filled out the survey as soon as it came in really hoping for this display. I guess I missed it by || that much! Hope to see some great looking projects using these!
  9. I'm working on a project and before I send off for some 4-layer boards to be made up I would like to rough prototype the circuit. Anyone have one of these they could even just let me borrow, rent, or sell to me? I only need the mini dev kit but don't have the cash right now to give $100 for it. I only need it for about a month, just need to test the schematic and phone app.
  10. Does Energia attempt to verify the target MCU is the one that is selected in the program? I ask because I want to do a project with a G2230(8 pin version of the 2231) and was wondering if anything special needed to happen for this or if I could just write for the 2231 and it'll load into the 2230 without a problem.
  11. I just bought a new car but in the Durango I had an IR setup that kept watch over the car. Lights only go on in the car when the doors are opened. In the driver's wheel well of the car I had a simple oscillator connected to an IR led pointed towards my bedroom window that only got power when the lights in the car came on. At my window, I had an IR photodiode that fed an amplifier. Switch it on when I go to bed at night and I know when someone is in my car It'd pop when the motion light came on and would go off if the door was opened. Simple, but effective(at night at least).
  12. Or a quick run on a belt sander will make them flat top 'diffused' leds. Spreads the light even better. I find the best for color mixing that people will see directly on the LED is the diffused 10mm, but they're expensive in comparison to 5mm RGB so I tend to just flat-top the ones for color mixing.
  13. Couple of ideas for you. The TLC5940 will control 16 leds with more current without needing discrete transistors for the individual LEDs. Makes the PWM code a bit easier as well. I've got some .5W 8mm wide angle leds that take 100mA, perfect for dim lighting and matches well with the 5940. I think it would be neat to play with IR leds and CdS cells to try and 'track' people on the stairs for lighting with a person. If you were to use a 5940 for led driving it would free up a ton of pins for analog reading. Have the IR led shine outward and the CdS cell would read reflection off the wall. A
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