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  1. Ok, I have been testing things out and this is what I found out: I tired NJC's UART example with Launchpad and MSP430G2231 chip. I looked at serial port activity with RealTerm and BINGO. It is working as it should. So drivers are ok and hardware also... Then I tried connecting RF2500 daughterboard to 6-pin J4 ez430 connector on Launchpad. RF2500 starts the RF communication, LEDs start blinking, but fails to transmit anything over UART. No serial port activity on computer, though if I attach hardware analyzer I can see that RF2500 is transmiting... Possible drivers or FET firmware fail
  2. Nah... changing usb port from hub directly to motherboard USB port doesn't work eighter... My launchpad is using generic windows usb device driver? Same with yours? Anyone actually got working example with win7-64?
  3. No I did not configure it to simulate RF2500... I just sniffed UART's TX and RX lines with PirateBus configured as UART monitor... Scheme: win7x64<====>FET <====> RF2500 ...........................| ...........................| .......................piratebus What I saw, is that there is UART activity but none is displayed on computer's serial monitor. Seems like software issue to me and definately not hardware issue. Probably buggy x64 drivers for TI Flash Emulation Tool and USB chip. I even tried UART echo example in the same way, same results...
  4. Hello! Has anyone set up a working UART with MSP430 FET (launchpad or ez430) on Windows 7 64-bit. I have installed latest CSS and drivers for MSP430 FET installed correctly. I can program chips, do debugging and so one.. But when I try to observe UART activity on COM port, there's nothing. I attached RF2500 daughterboard to ez430 and launchpad, but there is nothing to see when looking at COM port with serial monitor... I'm pretty shure I configure it correctly, 9600 bauds, 8bits, 1stop bit, no parity... Then I attached hardware UART analyzer, the famous Piratebus and configure it
  5. I have LaunchPad with jumper J4 soldered (1.27mm or 0.05inch spacing pinhead). I can use any of the eZ430 daughterboards. Got myself 2 eZ430-RF2500T so I will be able to do some wireless RF. I am also very into MSP430, seems like 8bit PICs and AVRs give me headache with complicated SFRs and datasheets. Also tons of compilers and integrated IDEs make one big mess. We also done MSP430 lectures at university with MSP430 embedded into custom boards which had transistors and optocoplers to interface with 0-24V world. Done some ADC, digital I/O, PWM,... Looking forward to see MSP-Four-Three
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