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  1. If you need highest quality and proper quality control after production, ALLPCB advance PCB is your best choice.This was the first time I was using the "Advanced PCB" option from ALLPCB not knowing what to expect. But the result was a tremendous improvement over all the other PCBs that I have ordered (that were also very high quality). 


    The PCBs took 1 day to ship out and finally arrived within 4 days. but did include hand signed, very detailed test reports (in English), a test sample (break test I guess) as well as humidity indicator.All PCB are exactly how I imagined them!!! Great work. Thank you!

  2. Hi, everyone!

    Im a student. I really like electronic products. Its a honor to meet everyone in this forum. I want to learn more about electronic knowledge and make more friends here. I hope we can communicate each other in the future. Looking forward to our common progress!


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